The Gut Cause Self Care Program

Private Nutrition Coaching to Transform your Body, Mind, and Soul

“You Are NOT What You Eat…You ARE What You DIGEST & ABSORB”

Who I Work With

I work mainly with men and I specialize in gut related illnesses, which contribute to things like Leaky Gut, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Brain Fog, Lyme Disease, Autoimmunity, Weight Gain, and Impotence. All of which can be interrelated to each other, knocking the body out of balance causing metabolic turmoil. Our work together will be in addressing these root cause issues, bringing the body back into harmony once again.






What Do Others Say?

“Bob, you’re a rock star, thank you!” -Donna

“Hi Bob, I sure appreciate what you bring to the party. You have been a huge help to all of us!” -Shannon

“Bob, you’re the greatest! Thanx for the info! I’ll be starting kefir soon and your info is so helpful!” -Louise

“Thank you so much, Bob. I am always amazed at how you are able to find such helpful responses for all of us. This is extremely generous and I hope you know how much we all appreciate you.” -Robin D

“Thanks, Bob. I am always grateful for your help.” -Lynn

“Wow! What a wonderfully thorough explanation Bob, thank you. My naturopath recommended melatonin and I have taken that for a while now.” -Angela C W

“Thank you, Bob for this valuable guidance.” -Nancy N

“I did do the Kalish method before this program working to strengthen the adrenals first, Pregnenolone and licorice root–then did a bacteria protocol–stool test showed abundant E-coli. I did not feel any better after that program. I also believe that my adrenals/thyroid need to be addressed first, too. You’re terrific, thnx!” -Lyn M

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Is this you and are you ready to start the healing process?

• Do you prefer to find the underlying causes of your ongoing health challenges instead of just treating the symptoms?
• Do you want to feel great again, regain your energy and look younger?
• Do you prefer drug-free, natural solutions for health issues?
• Are you looking for a client-centered approach in which choices and solutions are clearly and thoroughly explained?
• Do you have low energy and feel unwell despite “normal” laboratory, medical workups?
• Do you experience ongoing, migrating pain that has no definitive cause?
• Have you been handed a diagnosis of some disease and told that it is incurable or that the only thing that can be done is to control the symptoms with medications?
• Are you unable to engage in life due to low energy and feeling like crap day in and day out?
• Do you often feel like you have to put on a “strong face” despite feeling exhausted and in pain?
• Do you feel misunderstood and/or judged by medical professionals, friends, and family because none of them can relate to what you are going through?
• Do you struggle with recurring flashbacks of painful/traumatic experiences?
• Are you frustrated by not getting any answers and tired of traveling around to doctor’s appointments?
• Have you experienced a collapse and now need to heal your body, mind, and spirit but are feeling lost and don’t know where to begin?
• Are you ready to engage in extreme self-care and make transformative shifts in your life but feel overwhelmed and in need of guidance and support?
• Do you experience significant mental and/or emotional stress that impacts your health – yet you can’t seem to get a handle on it?
• Have you tried several approaches to resolve your health issues with limited to no success?
• Are you confused by all the different dietary theories and conflicting nutrition information?
• Do you wish you could identify and address the underlying causes of your health concerns?
• Are you aware of the stress-pain-illness connection but are feeling stuck in addressing this aspect of healing?
• Are you seeking a practitioner that has experienced long-term pain and illness, understands it, and will work with you collaboratively?
• You lack energy; you struggle to get through the day; you used to be ready to go, now you just want to stay home and veg.
• You have been told you need to make changes or you will need to go on medication soon. You are facing diabetes, obesity or another chronic illness if you don’t make changes now.
• You wake groggy and can’t get going until you have a cup of coffee or two.
• You have tried many different diets and exercise routines, but can’t seem to stick with them.  Your busy life leaves you feeling overwhelmed with what to do next for your health.
• You’re bloated and have constipation; you can’t eat what you once did and feel well.
• You just don’t feel well. You may even have had testing done and were told everything looks normal.  It is just a part of aging.
• You experience heartburn.

► And most importantly: what do I do now?!

If anything on this list resonates, connect with Bob to learn how he can help you to help yourself.

Stop Chasing Symptoms and get to the Root Cause of your Health Complaints 

Join Bob in a customized program to uncover the underlying reasons why you’re not feeling your best.  By utilizing Functional Lab Testing and implementing a practical diet and lifestyle strategies customized for you, you’ll be taking control of your own health and learn how to re-balance and support your body.  With proper diet and lifestyle optimal health can be restored and you’ll find feeling great again is possible!

• Are you tired of conflicting nutritional advice?
• Rather than chasing symptoms, do you wish you could find the root cause of your health concerns?
• Do you long for a practitioner who is “client-centered” and will educate you about your choices?
• Do you prefer drug free, natural holistic approaches for health?
• Would you like to have restored vitality, more energy & look and feel younger?
• Is low energy something I should just accept and learn to live with?
• Is it even possible to heal? I have been feeling like crap for so long!
• Will I ever get back to the weight I was before?
• Will I have to use these pills and creams (that really don’t work) for the rest of my life?

If you’re like me, you’ve spent countless hours, days and maybe even years dedicated to finding answers to your health issues and now that you’re here you can stop watching what seems like every health summit ever made. While those summits may be great resources of information, I don’t know a single person who has healed themselves from them.

You’ve tried numerous detoxes, supplements and modalities and while some seemed to work, they were all short lived. You’ve been hours on the phone making appointments, going to specialist after specialist and sleepless nights reading random blogs and WebMD only still feel like you do now!

The good news is this shows you care and you want to feel alive again and participate in the world rather than watching it go bye, but you just need to find that missing piece to make it all make sense.

What if there was a proven way to figure out exactly what is wrong with you and know the exact steps you need to take to fix it? What would that be like? What would you do with all the free time and energy?

Just imagine

Having a customized plan of what to eat and habits to create so that you can’t help but see measurable results over time.

Becoming educated and informed on key elements of your health (simple concepts that are unknown by most) so that you do not have to always default to conventional treatments.

That means:

• Weight that is healthy and stable
• Getting pregnant easily and having a healthy pregnancy
• A clear mental state that helps you feel focused and confident
• A strong immune system that keeps you healthy all winter long
• Insane levels of energy and no more late afternoon crashes
• Happy digestion – once a day bowel movements that are well-formed and complete
• Deep restful sleep that makes you feel fantastic all day long
• Clear skin that gets you compliments

Becoming laser focused on the best way to approach your unique health problems (through top of the line lab tests that are often skipped by conventional doctors)

Finally having the energy to not just get through the day but to enjoy those physical activities you have since forgotten and be active with your friends.

Gaining confidence and self-esteem that will attract new relationships, happiness, and Joy sooo much more effortlessly into your life.

Having invaluable insight into preventative health and how to decrease risk for all those scary diseases we want to try to avoid.

Then connect with me to get updates and info about how I can help YOU!

How Does The Process Work?

Step #1: Complimentary Initial Functional Health Consult

All clients begin with an initial FREE 20-minute consult via Zoom Video Conferencing. Once you schedule, you will receive a Zoom Video link in your confirmation email.

This is a “get-acquainted” session. As part of the scheduling process for this consult, you will complete a brief initial intake. This intake will help me understand your current challenges, what you need, what you are hoping to get out of our work together, and if I am the best person to help you.

At the time of the consult, we’ll chat. I will learn more about your situation and you will have the opportunity to learn more about my approach, options for working with me, and pricing of services!

If we’re a good match and you decide to move forward, I will send you a follow-up email with step-by-step instructions for the next steps to take.

The First Step is To Fill Out An Application For An Introductory Call &

Health History Session to see if we would be a good fit

We work with the body’s innate ability and desire to be healthy!

Step 1) Schedule a FREE 20-Minute Consult Today!

For NEW clients only
Do you long for a practitioner who will take your health personally?