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We practice Root-Cause Resolution
We work with the body’s innate ability and desire to be healthy!

Transformation is NOT about exercising willpower–it is about practicing self-kindness, engaging in extreme self-care, building new, nourishing habits, and discovering your authentic self!

Transformational Nutrition™ is a method that combines science, psychology and spirituality to allow us to eat consciously, cleanse our bodies and our minds, and liberate ourselves from our struggle with food so we can live authentically, gracefully and free. Transformational Nutrition is about using food as a stepping-stone in our spiritual awakening, it’s also about love. It’s about cleansing away all the toxins – toxic thoughts, toxic memories, toxic events, and toxic foods – to reveal a body of light and peace so you can finally step into your greatness with grace and ease and reclaiming your vitality so you can create the awesome life you deserve!

* This page is about our “Non Labs” option. For our  “With Labs” options, please see our Functional Health Coaching with Labs Page.

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Transformational Nutrition isn’t about exercising willpower it’s a spiritually-based method of transforming body and spirit to live consciously, gracefully, and free. Doesn’t that sound better than being on a diet, suppressing your true hunger and living the way someone else says you should for the rest of your life? Think about how living a life full of calm, peace and radiant health with unconditional love for everyone around you would drastically change your life. Renewing your body and spirit through Transformational Nutrition is the way to make these thoughts a reality.

Your transformational journey begins with crafting your wellness vision and long-term goals.  Once your vision and long-term goals are established, a plan for reaching those goals is devised.  This involves designing and implementing incremental and achievable action steps – as well as strategies to help you overcome challenges if they arise.

You will also discover hidden challenges that may have undermined your ability to reach your goals with other health-building programs that you tried in the past. Transformational Nutrition is the most powerful approach to weight loss, health, and vitality that exists today.

Here’s the thing… change is not easy. There I said it. It’s not going to happen overnight, there is no magic pill, and it takes work to keep it once you get it. The beautiful thing is that it IS possible. Sometimes we just need a little guidance, a different perspective, and someone to hold you accountable until you reach that place of ease and comfort.

As a coach, it is my mission to support you in finding that happy place, so that you can be yourself unapologetically, and walk through life with confidence.

How the Gut Cause Self Care Program Works

GC Self Care is an opt-in model which requires a strong commitment from the client. If you’re ready to finally get to the root cause of your symptoms and start building your health, here is how the program works…

Time Frame: Since everyone has different health complaints and goals, we will determine a realistic time frame needed for building health after we review your initial labs. The minimum commitment for the Program is 90 days.

Location: I work with clients all over the world because my consultations take place entirely through Zoom Online Video Conferencing. This allows you to communicate from the comfort of your own home and not have to deal with the hassles of showing up to another appointment in your already busy schedule.

Paperwork: We will both engage in a Program Agreement which will detail the scope of services offered so we are both on the same page as you start restoring and building your health!

Scheduling: You schedule all of your sessions at a time that is convenient for you! My electronic scheduling software is easy to use and will always show my available time slots. You can book them all in advance, or schedule as we go. All appointments must be made (or cancelled) 24 hours in advance.

Gut Cause Self Care Steps:

Free Introduction: During this time, we will discuss your unique health concerns and the changes you would like to make in your life. This session also gives us the opportunity to “test-drive” and make sure we are the right fit for each other!

Getting Started: (The Documents) You will receive an electronic packet which will include Intake Forms, the Program Agreement, a Health History Form, and instructions. All of these forms must be completed prior to reviewing your case.  Lab testing is available if you should chose to do so.

Run Labs: Labs aren’t part of this package, but can be added on.

True Cellular Detox™: True Cellular Detox™ program isn’t part of this package, but can be added on.

Results and Recommendation Consultation: We will review your Health History Form, and your health complaints. I will provide an educational interpretation of your results and recommend a customized supplement plan to be incorporated in your 90-Day Protocol. If further investigation is needed, we will also discuss additional testing.

Program Coaching Call: I provide ongoing support and guidance as you make changes to improve your health. Follow up sessions are usually scheduled every 2 weeks throughout the duration of the program. In each session, we will evaluate your progress (or challenges) and continue to focus on building health! Retesting may be appropriate to establish improvements for some clients as the program continues.

Program Completion: The program time frame will vary for each person, but the lessons learned and changes made in GC Self Care are life-long!

This Basic Cause Package starts with the 2-hour Discovery Session: this is where we start in determining your personalized health plan and start getting to the root of your ongoing health issues. The goal of this the Discovery Session is for you to leave feeling inspired, empowered, and excited about embarking on a transformational journey.

The Discovery Session will help determine which Functional Health Coaching packing is best for you; based on severity, duration and specifically tailored to individual needs. You’ll walk away with fundamental knowledge, strategies, and tools that you can begin applying right away to help yourself in pursing the life you were meant to live.

During the Protocol and Recommendation Session, you’ll be empowered with a personalized, self-healing and health building protocol including dietary suggestions and lifestyle modifications, extreme self-care, and nutraceuticals  to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

After the 2nd Protocol Session, follow-ups are generally every 4-6 weeks to ensure adequate support, provide course correction if needed to dial in your regime and to help keep you on tract with your healing process.

Consults take place with Zoom Online video conferencing so you’ll receive support in the comfort of your own home.


Discovery Session: $340.00

This is where we start in determining your personalized health plan and start getting to the root of your ongoing health issues. We determine which Functional lab test are needed, if any, address the body holistically with a comprehensive personalized health building program, working on body,  mind and spirit bringing your body back into balance.

The Discovery Session will help determine which Functional Health Coaching packing is best for you; based on severity, duration and specifically tailored to individual needs.

From here a client can choose to continue on with the Basic Cause Functional Health Coaching without Labs listed below. Or they can move on to one of our more Comprehensive plans.

Discovery Session Includes:

• Build a solid foundation based on nutrition and holistic practices to best suit your individual lifestyle. Detailed review and interpretation of an in-depth, Health Questionnaire used to assess function and potential health blocking factors within all bodily systems, current protocol, medical history, lifestyle risk factors, nutritional status, stress resilience, and the mental, emotional, spiritual challenges that accompany chronic health challenges. A Health Assessment Questionnaire form emailed once Discovery session is scheduled and paid for.
• Review and consideration of all relevant lab work-ups from other practitioners
• A thorough review of your health life timeline, which you’ll need to articulate during the consult.
• An in-depth discussion around your wellness goals, lifestyle and support systems, nutritional status, mental emotional challenges, and stressful triggering life events that may have played a role in the client’s current health challenges.
• 2-hour, in-depth Zoom Online video conferencing consult to review all the above points and to make recommendations for moving forward.
• After session summary letter sent via email, recapping the main points covered in the Discovery Session along with a list of all recommended labs (if needed); with pricing for moving forward.
• uncover hidden health concerns
• Create a clear vision of what is possible with energetic health
• Feel heard, renewed and refreshed to take action to change your wellness.
• Know whether or not you want to work with me on your health.

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For NEW clients only
Do you long for a practitioner who will take your health personally?

Basic Cause (6-month Functional Health Coaching without Labs)

New client plans start at $255.00 per month with a $390 first month payment. Schedule your FREE consult to learn more about the pricing of this option.

This plan is ideal for the client for whom it is determined that functional labs are not necessary or for the client that can’t afford out-of-pocket expenses of functional lab workups yet still want the support of a comprehensive, health-building protocol.

The price of this package does NOT include any recommended supplements or the cost of a General Wellness blood Panel (GWP) – if you choose that option.   The monthly price of supplements will vary based on individual needs.

6-Month Program Includes:

• Identifying your patterns of behavior, how they affect your decisions, and how to change them
• Optional but highly recommended: comprehensive, functional blood chemistry analysis to help determine hidden physiological stressors, imbalance, and dysfunction.  You will either supply a recent, comprehensive blood panel done by your physician or one can be ordered for you.
• Developing an amazing relationship with real food, and letting go of guilt and self sabotage.
• A customized and detailed healing protocol addressing: diet, lifestyle, support around mental/emotional challenges, and targeted supplementation
• Uncovering the root causes of why you know what to do but still aren’t doing it
• A comprehensive food list customized for your unique needs and specific symptoms/conditions
• Finding self-love and acceptance and learning how to trust yourself as the expert

• 8 Zoom Online video conferencing Consults, consisting of:
• 90-minute Protocol and Recommendation Session
• 5 follow-up consults @ 60 minutes each
• 2 check-in consults @ 30 minutes each

• 10 hours of time dedicated to your case outside of consults over the duration of the package for: continual review of your case file, email support, researching that pertains to your case, developing custom protocols, creating protocol sheet, consulting with other professionals about your case in need be, preparing for consults, preparing consult summaries, administrative work pertaining to your case, and more! Any time spent on a client case beyond 10 hours will be billed at the current hourly rate.
• Educational Material that is pertinent to your case
• Being mindful and present in all areas of life
• Access to wholesale nutritional supplements
• Reconnecting with who YOU really are (not the person everybody says you are!)
• Email Support for duration of the package – to a MAX of 2 per week for BRIEF support between consults. Emails are not intended to replace consults. If an email can’t be addressed in 5 minutes or less, it will need to wait until a scheduled consult. Additionally, emails will only be addressed M-F, not on the weekends. Please allow up to 48 hours for an email response.

► After Program ends, follow-up consults are billed at the current rate of 95.00 per hour. There are also 30-minute follow-up appointments available for $58.00. The Gut Cause reserves the right to adjust the hourly rates as business needs dictate.


Step 1) Schedule a FREE 20-Minute Consult Today!

For NEW clients only
Do you long for a practitioner who will take your health personally?