Real Plans, I often get asked about Meal Plans and since I work with such a diverse group, it has always been difficult to recommend any one program out there. As such I found myself manually creating and designing programs for many of my clients. I can now say that there is a program that exists the makes meal planning a much easier task. To learn more and to get started in setting up your account, see my REAL PLAN Meal Plans page here. Real Plans is also the Official home of Whole30 meal planning, so you can you’ll be able to pair Whole30 with Meal Plans, see more about that here.

Trifecta, Here is a service that provides already prepared organic fresh meals delivered directly to your door, along with providing coaching and support. Trifecta gives you the food, the advice, and the community support you need to achieve your goals. We do the meal planning, shopping, and cooking, so you can focus on everything else. Company is based in Sacramento, CA USA



This service provides already prepared organic fresh meals delivered directly to your door with a free 20-min consult and/or optional nutritional coaching packages available with Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian, Low carb as well as food sensitivity options. Factor gives you already prepared food delivered to your door. Every Factor meal is cooked from scratch by real chefs using the freshest ingredients. Poultry and eggs are all antibiotic-free and cage-free; meats are all grass-fed/pasture-raised; salmon is BAP certified and the produce is always non-GMO and organic when available. Your order is delivered fresh to your door — never frozen along the way, free shipping. This link should provide you with the latest promo for your first order. The company is based in Chicago, IL USA




Cellerciser, just 10-min. a day to a healthier you! The Cellerciser® (rebounder) is not a typical mini trampoline. And at Cellercise we show you the exercises unique to your needs. The patented features on the Cellerciser®  represent quality. The patented Tridaptable® springs are unique, ONE SPRING FOR ALL FAMILY MEMBERS. The patented Tri-adaptable® spring is the only self-adapting spring of it’s kind on the market today. And Cellercisers® are still being used and in great shape nearly 30 years later. But the bottom line…Cellercisers® give results!!. Order Cellerciser rebounder here.


Primal Life Organics is the skincare company you wish you had found a lot sooner. We make dental care and skincare that helps you to become healthier, look younger, feel better and live longer using a proprietary three step process we call the Primal Life Process. Features of Primal Life Organics LED Teeth Whitener: RED light is known to improve wound healing, relieves pain, improves tissue repair and helps prevent the recurrence of mouth sores; BLUE light technology is known to whiten the teeth and gets you smiling more; NOW Cordless and rechargeable lithium battery; Whiten teeth in only 15 minutes a day; No nasty chemicals, toxins, bleaches, or trays.


Activate Your Stem Cells with Lifewave patches – As we age, our stem cells decline in their ability to heal our bodies. Imagine if we could activate our stem cells and reset them to support wellness and health. This would boost vitality in a completely non-invasive, safe and cost-effective way.  For example the LifeWave X39™ patches provide the body with a level of health and vitality that you have not experienced since you were in your youth. Backed by 20 years of development, LifeWave X39™ patches have been demonstrated to provide an abundance of health benefits. There are various other Lifewave patches and protocols for specific situations available. Contact me about enrollment

With the Keto-Mojo GK+ monitor, you can track your ketone and glucose levels using the FREE Keto-Mojo APP. Compares your readings over time and automatically calculates your Glucose Ketone Index (GKI) with our Bluetooth integrated meters or via the Bluetooth connector. (for older models). Keto-Mojo founder, Dorian Greenow, transformed his mental and physical health on the ketogenic diet and was so grateful that he wanted to pay it forward by making the keto lifestyle more accessible and achievable to everyone else. Keto Mojo is a compact, easy to use, handheld ketone blood monitor. It’s ideal for anyone following the keto diet, nutritional ketosis, or therapeutic purposes who want to determine their current level of ketosis accurately. It measures BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate), which is the most crucial ketone during the ketogenic diet. What exactly is GKI? Plainly put, GKI, or the Glucose Ketone Index, is a simple formula that tracks the ratio of blood glucose to ketones as a single value. But more important, it’s a biomarker for tracking your metabolic health as well as your level of ketosis, and it’s easily tracked if you have a blood glucose and ketone testing meter like Keto-Mojo GK+. See How-To Videos and Help Documents to get you started.

FreeStyle Libre 2 system (no fingerstick) is a FDA-cleared Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) device (no ketones) with real time alarms capability indicated for the management of blood-sugar regulation in persons age 4 and older. The Libre 2 version features built-in Bluetooth to allow for optional real-time alerts for both low and high glucose levels, without the need to manually scan the sensor. The Freestyle Libre 2 is more accurate than the Freestyle Libre 1, with no figerstick! Read here on how to get this system covered with your insurance. Also, many practitioners are open to writing prescriptions so you can monitor your irratic hyper/hypo blood sugar dysregulations, thus allowing you to manage your health.

Dry Farm Wines, for thousands of years, people made wine with just two ingredients: grapes and time. They harvested with their hands and gently pressed, crafting a fermented elixir that was said to cure illness and open the spirit.  Then, in the modern age, demand for wine grew. Strong sales incentivized wine companies to cut corners. Today, many wines contain high levels of alcohol, sugar, sulfites, thickeners, dyes, and other additives. Wine made by Nature is lost. Dry Farm Wines is bringing that wine back. Organically or Biodynamically Grown, Sugar Free (0-0.15g per glass), Lower Sulfites (< 75ppm), Mycotoxin/Mold Free, No Industrial Additives, Dry Farmed (No Irrigation), 100% Wild, Native Yeast, Lower Alcohol (< 12.5% alc/vol), Paleo and Keto Friendly, Low Carb Friendly, Vegan, Older Vines (generally 35-100 years). For the health conscious, this is the only wine to choose!

Purity Coffee the only coffee company in the world that is completely focused on maximizing health benefits. Pesticide-free, organic green coffee is their starting point. They source only defect-free specialty grade beans and tested to ensure the coffee is free of mold and mycotoxins, and Purity has up to 2x the antioxidants of other leading brands. Many customers report feeling a sustained, clean energy, without the jitters and upset stomach that comes from ingesting typical commercial coffees. Purity is your go to, if you need a morning cup of “joe”.