I often get asked about Meal Plans and since I work with such a diverse group, it has always been difficult to recommend any one program out there. As such I found myself manually creating and designing programs for many of my clients. I can now say that there is a program that exists the makes meal planning a much easier task. That program is REAL PLANS.

A meal plan is great, but you’re also getting a carefully thought-out (and totally dynamic) timeline and shopping list. The timeline changes with each recipe you add or delete, and tells you when to thaw/soak/prep ingredients and any other tips and tricks you need to know about preparing each dish.

When it comes to meal planning, it doesn’t get any easier for Paleo eaters, or those of us with even more restrictive diets due to allergies or other health concerns. Real Plans allows you to exclude whole food groups (like shellfish or nightshades), and gives you the option to exclude specific ingredients, too. You’re then presented with a complete weeklong meal plan, totally customized according to your specific dietary preferences. Even with a filter for Autoimmune (AIP) recipes as well, which is why I like it so much!

Meal Plans, Customized Exactly for YOU!
Cook allergen-free meals for your family, without STRESS.

What Real Plans will allow you to do

• Spend just 10 minutes a week creating your meal plan and shopping list
• Prepare seasonal ingredients from the farmer’s market
• Decide when you want to enjoy dinner leftovers, and how much
• Easily altering your menu as you re-introduce or eliminate foods from your diet
• Not forget ingredients in the back of my fridge
• Not forget ingredients at the store
• Not forget meal-time prep, such as thawing out meat
• Not forget to make new recipes you’ve discovered

What you get with Real Plans

• Customized meal plans for your unique diet
• Nutrition data for your meals
• It comes with 1,500+ recipes from your favorite bloggers (get more with add-on subscriptions)
• The free mobile app – access your meal plans and shopping list at the store
• 24/7 support from the Real Plans Team

For those wanting to follow the Whole30 plan they also available a Whole30 Setup + Subscription to Real Plans + Whole30 Recipes plan.

No, Real Plans isn’t free; but it’s well worth it! Subscriptions start as low as $6 a month. You can also check off anything you already have in your kitchen, add anything else you want to add to your list, and then take it to the store. Real Plans allows you to print, email, and open your shopping list on your smart phone.

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