Drinking 16 oz of fresh organic celery juice every morning or evening on an empty stomach can help restore your digestion health in as little as one or two weeks. Fresh organic celery juice is a very powerful and healing juice that you can drink daily. Celery juice has a strongly alkaline base and has been known to relieve and counteract muscle cramps, joint pain, ringing in ears, acid reflux, tingles & numbness, hot flashes, blurry eyes, headaches, heart palpitations, edema, heartburn, fatigue, dizziness, bloating, sleep issues, high blood pressure, constipation, and even acidosis. Celery contains compounds called coumarins which are known to enhance the activity of certain white blood cells and support the vascular system. As such celery juice also helps to purify the bloodstream, helps prevent ulcers, reduce blood pressure, aid in digestion, relax the nerves, and clear up skin problems. Celery juice is rich in organic sodium content.  It is also an effective natural diuretic. Don’t wash celery right away after bringing it home because this can cause it go bad quicker. Store dry celery, wrapped in a paper towel if you’d like, inside the refrigerator for about 5-7 days at the most. You can consume celery juice morning, noon or night. Allow 1 hour prior to or 2 hours after meals. Additionally you may drink just prior to bedtime, but allow yourself time to urinate before sleep 😉 Optional: If you find the taste of straight celery juice too strong, you can add cucumber and or some apple to the juice, however this will slightly dilute its effectiveness. Or, if you prefer a more gentle juice you can make straight cucumber juice instead which is also very healing and beneficial.
Benefits of Celery Juice
  • Boosts Digestion and Reduces Bloating
  • Lowers Inflammation
  • Contains Anti-Microbial Properties That Fight Infections
  • Helps Prevent Ulcers
  • Protects Liver Health
  • Helps Prevent or Treat High Blood Pressure
  • Helps Lower High Cholesterol
  • Helps Prevent Urinary Tract Infections
  • Beneficial for *Weight Loss – Not for Detoxification purposes
  • May Help Protect from Cancer
Juices such as Celery, Carrot and Apple can INHIBIT detoxification pathways. So if you are on a specific detox program, aside from weight loss, AVOID JUICING those items. You may consume the actual vegetable in its whole state, but don’t juice large quantities. I know this is a common trend that’s done, but DONT!